SEPT 26 – 29

If perception is reality, we are masters of design. Our lives are our greatest masterpiece. With fervent desire and child-like wonder, we bring fantasies to life, creating realities far better than our dreams. Together, we share these worlds with one another, traversing borders in search of adventure. When we open our eyes, under starlit skies and dancing candlelight, we are home.

We welcome you to Reintegration, our immersive three-day wellness gathering at our home in Tulum. Through breath work and yoga, we’ll reconnect to the creator in all of us. Tantalizing concerts, exotic ingredients and local escapes await us. This is an open call to discover ourselves both in conversation and silence, travel and stillness.

Only when we return to the source of our power can we embrace what lies ahead.

Habitas Tulum
Starting from $2,015
What's Included
From exploring hidden local treasures to daily yoga in our agora, each day will be full of inspiring surprises.
Start your adventure with an oceanfront stay or one of our jungle-facing rooms for a transporting experience.
Food & Drink
Experience local flavors and ingredients with meals and beverages prepared fresh in our restaurant Moro.
Discover the power of breath with invigorating breathwork sessions, daily yoga, and local wellness practices sure to expand the mind.
Starlit skies. Entrancing sounds. Dance the night away at musical experiences in our beachfront setting featuring surprise guests.
Enjoy a locally-sourced menu in our restaurant Moro personally curated by our executive chef Federico Cappi.
Head off-the-beaten-path in Tulum for a series of awe-inspiring excursions in local natural wonders.
Ocean Front Room
Airy oceanfront room opens directly onto a private terrace overlooking the Caribbean.
Ocean Room
Let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep in this room situated against a backdrop of lush palms.
Pool Room
Enhance your stay by treating yourself to your own private pool just steps from your bed.
Jungle Room
Immerse yourself in the natural world with a private terrace overlooking the Yucatan jungle.
Courtyard Room
Stay in the center of the action by reserving a breezy room off our courtyard.
Starting at $2,015 per room

Individual tickets are inclusive of a private room for 3 nights, full programming and breakfast, lunch & dinner at Moro. For shared rooms, please select the desired number of additional guests in the drop-down menu. Their ticket to this experience will be factored into the final total. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests.

There is something beautiful about beginning and ending an experience together; this is why we have a strict no late arrivals and early departures policy.

Special Guests
This very unique trio of music, souls and minds, is Eduardo Castillo's live project. Eager to expand and build on his musical reach and scope, Eduardo, has brought these very talented friends and multi-instrumentalist musicians together to explore the potential of each of their own immense talents, only to realize, when playing and listening as a group, a very powerful force came alive. Influenced by sounds and music of all reaches of the planet, and Eduardo Castillo's decades of electronic music exploration, the frequencies that are produced by this very unique troupe of musicians, are truly on another level of performance and experience.
Bobby Klein
For over 40 years as an acupuncturist, Jungian analyst, intuitive, spiritual educator, mentor, and energy worker, Bobby Klein has helped people find effective tools to answer questions of who they are and why they're here, and to bring their lives and bodies into balance. Bobby Klein offers simple and dynamic forms of meditation, Breathwork, energetic healing techniques, and methods of expanded consciousness, he teaches us to move into authenticity, purpose, and abundance.
Stories & Sounds
A casual Google image search reveals the obvious draw of Tulum – warm cerulean waves hitting sweeping beaches under cloudless skies, as warm breezes blow in off the Caribbean and gently rustle the palm trees on the shore.
The first time I walked into a HABITAS experience I felt like a child, seeing everything with fresh eyes. It was one of those moments when you know you are about to do something for the first time ever, and it’s a feeling we often don’t get enough of in our busy lives.